High Rolling Loners

The High Rolling Loners are the lonesome heroes of today. Founded in the spring of 2005 by John Verruto as a Flying Burrito Brothers cover band, he soon landed Eric Boone on drums and Ryan Bartell on guitar/vocals, and was supported by a rotating cast of bassists. It quickly turned into an original band, with John and Ryan sharing songwriting duties. Eric named the band after mishearing a line from the song “Railroad Lady”, and before they knew what was happening the High Rolling Loners were born. 

Within a year of their formation, the High Rolling Loners they had recorded a self-titled EP, and were nominated for two 2006 San Diego Music Awards; Best Country Band, and Best Country/Americana Album. After touring the West Coast in support of the album, the band finalized (sort of!) its roster with the addition of Matt Phillips on bass guitar. Soon they owned a Dodge Econoline, and in 2007 the band hit the road on a month long tour through the Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, and Rockies. All the while they kept writing songs, working on their chops, and playing with fireworks. 

After Matt moved back to the Rockies in 2016, our number one Fan Chris Lyon joined the band, bought a Rickenbacker bass and the rest is modern history.